About Us

Aadhaar Foundation Trust

Rubina Yasin Dalal presenting AADDHAR FOUNDATION TRUST , RAJKOT for the sake of Women’s empowerment education and employment. She doesn’t want to just talk and promise but she wants to do something for the welfare of the youth.

Passing through different stages of life it clicked into mind to take this initiative of starting AADHAAR FOUNDATION TRUST, RAJKOT.

Want to reach to every hand and give something at its best….

Social Activities

To facilitate the process of integral and sustainable development of the disadvantaged and disposed rural women individuals, groups and communities of the humanity at large, irrespective of Caste, Class, Race, Religion and region by functioning as a “Empowering Institution for Women.”

  • To assist women who are victims of injustice by providing them legal aid and rehabilitation support.
  • To create awareness of the human rights of women.
  • To make her self-independent and secure.
  • To make the justice system accessible and affordable for women.
  • Institute will work on women’s uplift and development activities like Gruhudhyog, Sewing, Embroidery, Art & Craft, Hand Work, Tailoring – cutting training centre.To stop violence against the women.Our institute will provide them employment or training of self-reliant.


  • Many parents want to send their children to school but they have no money for their education. We will provide them education and hostel facilities including food.
  • To establish educational institutions, primary, secondary and undergraduate for BPL Card holders.
  • Provide Language Learning to Single Mother’s Kids and Women
  • Levels to provide quality education to the upcoming generation.
  • To evolve systems of educational outreach programmes in rural and inurban areas where clusters of low income groups exists.
  • To have a programme for linking children from poor families with sponsoring families/individuals/corporate to provide them food, clothes, medical care and financial assistance.